Credentialed Co-op Director Certificate
Credentialed Cooperative Director Certificate


​​​​​The Credentialed Cooperative Director (CCD) curriculum consists of five courses designed to provide essential knowledge and skills required of cooperative directors. Directors have several opportunities to attend courses, including NRECA’s Pre-Annual Meeting Education, Pre Directors Conference Education, Summer Schools, Pre-Regional Meeting Education, statewide association sponsored programs and on-site training.

​Certificate Requirements

The CCD is earned by attending all five (5) required courses and successfully completing a learning assessment for each.

CCD Courses

Upon completion of CCD certificate you will be recognized at the Regional Meetings.

NRECA offers the opportunity to take these courses several times each year at the following events:

To continue your professional development after you have earned the CCD Certificate you will want to begin the Board Leadership Certificate (BLC) Program.

You can view your NRECA Course Attendance Record online. Click on the Member Center tab at the top of this page and select My Course Record.