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The Director Gold credential recognizes directors who have earned their CCD and BLC credentials and are committed to continuing their education throughout their service on the board.

PLEASE NOTE: Director Gold is an addition to NRECA’s Director Education Program – it does not replace or change any of the existing Director Education credentials earned by directors, including the Credentialed Cooperative Director (CCD) or Board Leadership Certificate (BLC). Directors now merely have another option for education beyond the CCD and BLC to work toward and add to their list of professional accomplishments.


​For a director to earn the initial Director Gold credential, he or she must meet the following criteria:

  • Hold the CCD and BLC credentials.
  • Earn three additional credits from the Board Leadership Certificate series of courses. For the initial Director Gold credential, only BLC courses will be accepted for credit. Upon renewal, other options are available as listed below.

Directors who have earned their CCD and BLC and have completed 3 BLC credits after earning their BLC, are eligible to receive their Director Gold certificate of completion.

NOTE: Once you are eligible, you must “opt in” to the program indicating your interest in earning the Director Gold status (see enrollment instructions below) before a certificate will be issued to you.

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Maint​aining Director Gold Status

To maintain Director Gold Status, directors must earn three credits from the NRECA Approved List of Continuing Education Programs within a two-year (24 months) period from the time their last Director Gold credential was awarded. The list of programs eligible for credit may be amended from time to time at NRECA’s discretion.

NRECA Approved List of Continuing Education Programs:

  • NRECA Board Leadership Certificate Courses 
  • NRECA Directors Conference (1 credit)
  • Gettysburg Leadership Experience (2 credits)
  • CFC Forum (1 credit)
  • CoBank Energy Directors Conference (1 credit)
  • Mid America Cooperative Council (MACC) Board Chair Roundtable (1 credit)

* Of the three credits required to fulfill the continuing education requirement, a minimum of two credits must be earned from the NRECA BLC series of courses. Directors may also choose to earn all three continuing education credits from the BLC courses. A maximum of one credit may be earned through attending one of the other conferences or programs listed above.

The window of time within which the director must earn three credits to maintain his/her Director Gold credential is two years (24 months) following the date on which the director first earned the Director GOLD credential.

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How to Enroll in the Director Gold Program

Step 1: Check Your Attendance Record
If you are interested in enrolling in the Director Gold program, you should check your attendance record to see if you’ve already met the program requirements. There are three ways you can check your attendance records:

  • Visit > Member Center > My Course R​ecords
  • Check with your co-op’s executive or administrative assistant
  • Contact Angie Hylton, NRECA Sr. Certification Support Specialist at or 703-907-5656

Step 2: Submit Your Information
If you’ve met the program requirements, you may submit your information through this for​m and an NRECA certification specialist will be in touch to verify your eligibility and discuss next steps.


NRECA offers the opportunity to take these courses several times each year at the following events:

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