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  • How do I create an account?
    If you have never logged in or the username you used before no longer works, you can create an account by completing the registration process.
  • Can my username be remembered for future visits?
    If you want your username to be remembered for future visits, you can select "Remember me" in the page where you enter your password.
  • I registered a while ago on this site but now the system does not recognize my username. What happened?
    If you registered prior to 6/25/2011 but have not logged in since then, your old account has been removed. You can create a new account by completing the registration process.
  • I don't remember my username. What should I do now?
    If you forgot your username you can go to Forgotten Username and enter your primary e-mail address. We will send you an email containing your username. If you still have problems please contact us.
Need additional assistance? Please contact the Member Contact Center:
7am – 7pm CST, Monday - Friday | 1-877-766-3226 | support@cooperative.com

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